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Unleashing the
Potential of Metal:

Unleashing the Potential of Metal:

Elevating Standards in
Powder Coating

At RK Custom Koates, we’ve pioneered the art of two-tone custom work, backed by an 8ft oven to handle larger projects. We ensure superior quality with top brands like Prismatic, Columbia, Tiger, and others. Not just that, our mobile dustless blasting service brings convenience to your doorstep, currently within Victoria.

Sloan Metal Works

Sloan Metal Works transforms visions into tangible creations, crafting everything from custom trophies to detailed automotive accessories. As a trusted partner to RK Custom Koates, we ensure that our custom metal pieces are primed for their expert paint jobs.

Excellence In What We Do

Custom Services for Your Custom Job

At the heart of our successful partnership with RK Custom Koates, Sloan Metal Works delivers instrumental support, particularly in the domain of car and motorcycle accessories. Our talented team meticulously employs CAD design to bring to life intricate blueprints of car and motorcycle accessories. We then translate these digital designs into precise metal constructions, tailored to meet the high standards of RK Custom Koates’ finishing services.
Our collaborative approach extends beyond accessory manufacturing. Whenever RK Custom Koates requires custom metal pieces for their diverse projects, our skilled craftsmen rise to the challenge. We design, forge, and fine-tune each piece to ensure it’s perfectly primed for RK Custom Koates’ professional paint jobs. Our role as a design and fabrication partner to RK Custom Koates has not only strengthened our ties but has also led to the creation of exceptional end products that delight our shared clientele.

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